Shrinath Resource Management LLP is social enterprise with a brand name of  Ayika. The objective of the Ayika is to provide a platform to utilize the available resources to optimum level and live a more sustainable life. We believe that the planning of Nature is very precise and accurate. Nature has built this ecosystem in a manner to provide all the needs of an individual, but we somewhere fail to comprehend it to full potential. 

           The 3 most vital things in the life of any person is Water, Power and Food. If the person can learn to manage these three resources sustainably, then every structure be it House, Industry or Institution can become independent and live without the interference of these external factors.


       Shrinath Resource Management visualize to transform organizations, corporates, government and every individual manage the available resources to optimum potential. We are working towards bringing sustainability in the life of every individual.

       There are companies which are tackling these problem in isolation. But our approach is unique in the sense that all the problem are interlinked and the solution also overlap one another. By innovatively integrating it all, we offer our customers tackle these problem in very unique manner.

        Moreover, we will reduce the burden of one time investment by providing low cost pocket friendly per unit prices. This will help over customer get the latest technology at minimal investment. The overall cost will be far lower than what customers are paying currently.

          The integrated model will have solar panel, rainwater harvesting system and an urban farming. This product will suffice the issues raised above. Solar energy will help our customer generate their own power. Water Harvesting will eliminate their dependency on existing water sources and thereby producing their own water and Hi-tech automated urban farm will help them get the residue free organic vegetables.